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王建国:space是什么意思 space在线翻译 space什么意思 space的意思 space的翻译 sp

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王建国:space是什么意思 space在线翻译 space什么意思 space的意思 space的翻译 sp


  You use space to refer to an area that is empty or available. The area can be any size. For example, you can refer to a large area outside as a large open space or to a small area between two objects as a small space .


  A particular kind of space is the area that is available for a particular activity or for putting a particular kind of thing in.


  If a place gives a feeling of space, it gives an impression of being large and open.


  If you give someone space to think about something or to develop as a person, you allow them the time and freedom to do this.


  The amount of space for a topic to be discussed in a document is the number of pages available to discuss the topic.


  A space of time is a period of time.


  Space is the area beyond the Earth's atmosphere, where the stars and planets are.


  Space is the whole area within which everything exists.


  If you space a series of things, you arrange them so that they are not all together but have gaps or intervals of time between them.

  10. see also: spacing;airspace;breathing space;outer space;personal space


  If you are staring into space, you are looking straight in front of you, without actually looking at anything in particular, for example because you are thinking or because you are feeling shocked.


  If you describe someone or something as a waste of space, you are indicating that you have a very low opinion of them.


  Journalists write 'Watch this space' in order to indicate in an informal way that they will be giving more information about something in the future.