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于兰与生俱来是什么意思 与生俱来在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解释发音

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于兰与生俱来是什么意思 与生俱来在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解释发音

  1. 这对于名门闺秀来说,是应对与生俱来关注的常见办法。

  All these are the familiar way to deal with the native attention.

  2. 与生俱来

  2. 这对于名门闺秀来说,是应对与生俱来关注的常见办法。

  Then spread abroad the culture with time spirit and the classical civilization which come from the book of changes.

  3. 所以我们很多很多的老百姓,我们很多的医界朋友都了解到自然医学的廉、简、便、易等特性,不但没副作用,更能恢复与生俱来的自然疗能。

  Natural medicine is generally considered to be less expensive, gentler on the body, more convenient and with fewer side effects.

  4. 婴儿的气质几乎是与生俱来的,每一个孩子的气质都是不一样的,有的属于安静型气质,这样的孩子就很好带;还有活泼型的、中间型的,极少数是难养型的。

  The baby`s temperament is almost inherent, each child`s temperament is different, some are quiet temperament, so very good with children; there are lively type, intermediate-type, a very small number is difficult to raise type.


  5. 他是一名与生俱来的野战炮兵,他曾经担任的职位包括:肯萨斯州莱文沃思堡美国陆军合成兵种司令部的将军级指挥官;肯萨斯州莱文沃思堡美国陆军训练与条令司令部负责合成兵种的副将军级指挥官;美国驻欧洲陆军和第七集团军第三机械化步兵师的将军级指挥官;华盛顿特区美国陆军副参谋长办公室负责作战与计划的部队发展主管;华盛顿特区美国陆军机降作战纵深攻击项目办公室主管,和负责作战与计划的副参谋长;弗吉尼亚州门罗堡训练与条令司令部负责作战开发的副参谋长办公室研究与分析主管。

  Brought up as a Field Artilleryman, his duty positions include Commanding General of the US Army Combined Arms Command Fort Leavenworth/Deputy CG, US Army Training and Doctrine Command for Combined Arms, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; CG, 3rd Infantry Division, US Army Europe and Seventh Army; Director of Force Development, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans, US Army, Washington, DC; Director, Army Airland Battle Deep Attack Programs Office, and Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans, US Army, Washington, DC; and Director of Studies and Analysis, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Combat Developments, TRADOC, Fort Monroe, Virginia.

  6. 911查询·英语单词大全

  6. 而毋庸置疑,人们的夸夸其谈就恰恰是人们与生俱来的弱点和缺乏信心的表现。

  The surest sign of inherent weakness and lack of confidence is the need to boast.

  7. 根深蒂固的,与生俱来的中国胎记,洗也洗不掉,剥也剥不去。更不用说邱瑞敏根本不想洗根本不愿剥。

  It is hard to throw off the Chinese birthmark, and whats more, Qiu Ruimin doesnt want to throw off it at all.

  8. 与生俱来的反义词

  8. 这种信息的不对称是从中介行业产生之日起与生俱来的。

  Such information asymmetry is generated from the date of birth of intermediary trades.

  9. 911查询·英语单词

  9. 我们在一条叫黄色刺激的线路上爬,我记得上面有一个快到顶的pitch在一个角落上,。。。。我只记得那一刻因为它挽回了我对攀爬岩石的记忆,它使我记起如何随岩而动而不是与岩相斗。此时此刻我觉得很自然,就像攀岩是与生俱来的一种能力。

  And i remb getting up theres one pitchkinda towards de top when u come around a corner and u sorta de wholemesh arosed is in de sheet that one side and then i pi come round acorner and u come into de sun and i just remb that moment because ifelt like in an incent that i gonna remb how to move with de rockrather than fighting with de rock. its came easy for a minute i feltnatural and i felt like sth that i had been born to do.

  10. 马六与生俱来的运动感令人爱不释手,且被动安全性能的降低则是一种遗憾。

  Mazda is always featured with sporty performance, but it is weak in passive safety.

  11. 我九岁那年父亲续了弦,继毌是一位旧社会过来的苦大仇深的工人,秉承了劳动阶级与生俱来的勤劳、善良、质朴和率直,没有多少文化。

  My father remarried when I was nine. My step-mother was a worker who experienced the bitterness of the old society, imbued with the inherent industriousness, kindness, simple and straightforwardness of the laboring people.

  12. 每个人都有与生俱来的能力,只是很容易被习惯所掩盖。

  Every one has the abilities inborn, but they are usually covered by our habits.

  13. 至于自由,有两种,一种是与生俱来的自由,另一种就要取决于生活状况。

  As regarding freedom, there are two types, one is inborn and the other depends on lifes situations.

  14. 无论何时何地,人总在交往的过程,它是人类与生俱来的本领。

  It can make our life colourful. People are in a ociation all the time.

  15. 与生俱来的近义词

  15. 希腊文明与生俱来的间断性和不稳定性是导致希腊文明衰落的又一重要原因。

  In this way, when the formation of civilization would bring fatal flaw - discontinuity and instability.

  16. 与生俱来

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  17. 远处有一座若隐若现的石拱桥,像一条白丝带飘浮在这空蒙的雪雾里,我正在思考着这奇妙的雪景,雪却不知从什么时候起越下越大了,雪花从空中飘下落在我的脸上,冷冷的别有一种清凉的味道,我爱雪花,我喜欢她飘落时的轻盈自由,和她那与生俱来的清新的味道,眼前的雪花似乎是一个个自由的天使,它们不知道盼了多长时间才拥有这一瞬间的轻舞飞扬,这应该是怎样的欢快呢?

  At one time, I also walked lonely on the aisle of school with an umbrella in my hand.

  18. 没能经过正规教育学到的东西,于兰我会用我与生俱来的技能和好奇心来弥补。

  What I lack in formal education, I more than make up for in Natural skills and curiosity.

  19. 没能经过正规教育学到的东西,我以我与生俱来

  B: What I lack in formal education, I more than

  20. 她逐渐进入一种更典雅的身份,似乎这是她与生俱来的。

  She slipped into a more courtly role as if to the manner born.