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徐薏雯叶落是什么意思 叶落在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解释发音同义词反义

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徐薏雯叶落是什么意思 叶落在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解释发音同义词反义

  1. 我看到了,街角那棵树,叶落尽了。

  I saw at the corner tree, Yela done.

  2. 水凉了,叶落了,太阳屈服了,夏天结束了

  The water cools, the leaves they fall, the sun it bends, the summer ends

  3. 水凉了,叶落了,太阳屈服了,夏天结束了

  The water cools, the leaves they fall, the sunit bends, the summer ends

  4. 远处春的景色渐入我的视线,鸟儿唱着春天的奏鸣曲,漫山的挑红,遍地金灿灿的菜花,嫩芽吹叶落,绿油油的嫩芽长了出来,到处又是一片春意盎然、万物复苏的景象,这又昭示着逝去的人新生命的开始,一个充满期望和祝福的开始。

  Spring scenery into the distance, the birds sing my view of the sonata with spring, the red, the golden cauliflower, buds, leaves fall blew out the green shoots grow, everywhere is a fit6 of recovery, the scene, it presages a dead person the beginning of a new life, a full of expectations and blessing.

  5. 叶落是什么意思

  5. 叶落归根。杜美如在接受媒体采访的时候,不止一次说过回大陆定居的打算。

  Dumet such as in an interview with the media, when more than one occasion said that the intention to settle in China.

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  6. 中国人说家乡就是你的祖先埋骨的地方,所以中国人总想叶落归根。

  Hometown is the place where you were born and spent your childhood.

  7. 这种情形,差不多是平常的日课,直要到叶落秋深的时候。

  This is a daily occurrence right into late autumn when the leaves start to fall.

  8. 秋天叶落时,我就会回来。

  When leaves fall in autumn, Ill come back.

  9. 如叶落随风,如星划长空坠向---你

  Falling like a leaf, falling like a star

  10. 911查询·英语单词

  10. 我是个欧洲人,总要叶落归根。

  I am a European, and one returns to ones roots.

  11. 他游历了许多地方,现在叶落归根又回到了上海。

  He`s travelled a lot but he`s now come to shanghai.

  12. 他游历了许多地方,现在叶落归根又回到了英国。

  Hes travelled a lot but hes now come back to Britain once and for all.

  13. 这是因为他们的祖先是在上加村最先落脚--中国人都讲究叶落归根。

  The Chinese believe that they should eventually return to where they come from.

  14. 对外婆而言也是叶落归根了。

  Returning to their roots on the maternal grandmother is also a.

  15. 一定有些什么,在叶落之后是我所必须放弃的,是十六岁时的那本日记,还是我藏了一生的,那些美丽的如山百合般的秘密。

  There must be something, which is what I have to drop after leaves fall. Is it that diary of mine written at sixteen, or those beautiful lilylike secrets cherished for a whole life?

  16. 一定有些什么,在叶落之后是我所必须放弃的,是十六岁时的那本日记,还是我藏了一生的,那些美丽的如山百合般的秘密。

  There must be something I have to abandon after the leaves fall, is that diary written at my sixteen, or those beautiful lilylike secrets which all my life I have been keeping?

  17. 叶落的翻译

  17. 身处异地之后,每个人安身立命的人生观不同,有的望断乡关,命望有朝一日能够叶落归根,魂归祖茔;有的就地生根,开山垦拓,盼望未来,将他乡视同故乡。

  Living his life as an outsider in a foreign land, he has a philosophy of life with which to settle down and get on with his work in the new land. Some may always try to see their home form a distant foreign country, wishing that their souls would return to the ancestral graves like falling leaves that

  18. 环境本身便能陶养我们的身心,徐薏雯花开叶落直接便在说法,常体悟佛法即在当中。

  If we are able to realize these teachings from time to time, then we can experience the Buddhas Dharma in it.

  19. 空灵清凉的秋风一夜之间便拂了衣冷,摇了叶落,更是携了一阵阵菊花的清香飘然而至,轻轻地扣响窗前那一串蓝色风铃,如故人般出现在我的面前,轻轻地,将一缕思绪吹远,吹散。

  Vacant cool autumn cold overnight, then brush the clothes, Shake Yela, but also brought waves of chrysanthemum fragrance floated rather to gently buckle ring window and then a bunch of blue wind chimes, as before this man appears in the in front of me, gently, to ray mind blown away, blow away.

  20. 这I样情形差不多是平常的日课,直到叶落秋深的l时候。

  This is a daily OC-currence right into late autumn when the leaves start to fall.